2 Person Bungalow
€ 700

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The 2 Person Bungalow is the best equipped accommodation we have to offer at the Grand Prix Resort. This lodge has two comfortable beds, warm duvets and soft pillows. You will almost have a real hotel room feeling. The comfort reaches further: On your private wooden terrace with two chairs and a table you can relax after a day of Formula 1 action. In addition, this cabin is provided with a window and a lockable door. The 2 Person Bungalow is the perfect accommodation for a carefree F1-weekend!
Detailed description of a 2 Person Bungalow:
  • Sleeping area of 2,8 by 2,4 metres
  • Terrace of 2,20 by 2,5 meters
  • Wooden floor
  • Lockable door
  • A 240 V power outlet
This accomodation contains:
  • 1 bungalow for 2 people
  • 2 comfortable beds with duvets
  • 2 soft pillows and pillowcases
  • A nightstand with lighting
  • A wooden terrace and 2 chairs
  • Free parking in front of the resort
  • 24 hours guest service
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Once you arrive at the Grand Prix Resort, our ushers guide you to the best parking spot at the resort parking lot. You check in at the resort reception and our friendly staff guides you to your accommodation. This is definitely a great start of a marvellous Grand Prix weekend. Relaxed and worry-free!

one left available

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