Relax & Enjoy the Speed!



Enjoy the biggest Belgian Formula 1 event thanks to Grand Prix Resort!
Combine Grand Prix Spa Franchorchamps with a relaxing getaway weekend in our luxurious campsite.

Book an accommodation at the Grand Prix Resort and get access to the most complete hotel-like experience in the area. We offer you nothing but an excellent service and the comfort of a holiday resort.

Our exceptional talented chefs prepare you fabulous dishes and our good-humoured bar staff at the Belgian Beer Café serve you the finest Belgian beers brewed. The overall dedicated and hospitable staff guarantees you a joyful stay.

The comfort of a hotel

Within walking distance of the circuit

At an affordable price

Choose your accommodation

The Grand Prix Resort offers you plenty of accommodations to choose from. From upper-class VIP cabin to a high-quality tent, we have it all at the Grand Prix Resort.

The two-person VIP Cabin is the most luxurious accommodation we have to offer at the Grand Prix Resort. This lodge is equipped with two comfortable beds, warm duvets and soft pillows, which give you the real hotel room feeling. The comfort reaches further: on your private porch you have two chairs and a table to relax after a day of Formula 1 action. In addition, this cabin is provided with two windows and a lockable door. The two-person VIP Cabin is the perfect accommodation for a carefree F1-weekend!

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This cosy two-person wooden cabin is supplied with two separate beds, sleeping bags, pillows and a lantern to get you through the night. Thanks to the lockable door, extra space and electricity, the wooden cabin is one of the most comfortable ways to stay at Grand Prix.

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The high-quality two-person FestiTent is equipped with two mattresses, two sleeping bags and two pillows. There plenty of extra storage space for your luggage within the FestiTent. Your stay in a FestiTent is more than just camping, thanks to the fantastic resort facilities.

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This enjoyable four-person wooden cabin is equipped with two bunk beds, four sleeping bags, four pillows and two lanterns. The wooden cabin provides more comfort than a tent, thanks to the lockable door, spacious sleeping area and electricity.

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The four-person FestiTent is a spacious and high-quality tent supplied with four mattresses, four sleeping bags and four pillows. The two sleeping areas are divided by a living area, so there is more than enough space to store your luggage. Thanks to all of the resort facilities, your stay in a four-person FestiTent is more than just camping.

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Camper Pitch Deluxe

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The Camper Pitch Deluxe is ideal for people who own their own camper and would also like to enjoy our resort. The pitch contains a private area of 8 by 8 metres next to the resort, defined by an attractive fence. You also have the option to book a power outlet for your camper. Furthermore, breakfast from Friday to Monday in the resort restaurant is included this package. The bar, outside relaxing area, restaurant, sanitary facilities,... at the Grand Prix Resort are also accessible. And last, our staff offers 24/7 personal service.

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A reservation of any of our accommodations automatically includes access to all of the services at the Grand Prix Resort. We prioritize your needs and help you in any way we possibly can!